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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Asafoetida is a dried latex of obtained from the root of Ferula plants. It is also known as ‘devil’s dung’ and ‘hing’. It has pungent smell and bas taste. It’s odor vanish while cooking and gives a delicious flavor in cooked dishes. It is one of the essential Indian spices, found in almost all Indian Kitchens.

  • Seasoning: Hing Powder and Granules dissolves at higher temperature so can be added in tadka, that is, when oil is at the highest temperature, add a pinch of hing to it.
  • Directly into the Recipes: You can directly add a pinch of hing to you cooked dishes.
  • With Buttermilk: You can add a pinch of asafoetida hing in buttermilk or raita, it makes them even more mouthwatering.

Asafoetida has immense benefits such as-

  • Reduces Menstrual Pain
  • Relieves Asthma
  • Reduces acne
  • Brings glow on the face
  • Good for Digestion
  • Improves Immunity
  • Relieves Headache
  • Taste Enhancer​

Asafoetida Hing is found and supplied in many forms, such as Compounded Hing Powder, Hing Granules, Hing Oil, Hing Gum, Hing Oleoresin and much more.

  • Hing Powder and Granules are generally used in cooking, medical applications, and treating flatulence, and in Ayurvedic formulations.
  • Hing Oil is used for as a digestive aid, in food as a condiment, and in pickles.
  • Hing Gum is used in the food industry as a stabiliser, emulsifier, and thickening agent in icing, fillings, soft candy, chewing gum, and other confectionery. And to bind the sweeteners and flavorings in soft drinks.
  • Hing Oleoresin is used to cure breathing problems like asthma, swine flu and much more. 

Normally in market you get is compounded hing with turmeric powder, butter colour, permitted colour and many other ingredients. But we at RB Hing manufacture the best quality hing with only 2 ingredients- flour gum and hing. We follow all quality policy for manufacturing, supplying and exporting Asafoetida Hing.  Our asafoetida hing has passed all FSSAI tests.

RB Hing Co. Pvt. Ltd. manufactures, supplies and exports the premium quality Asafoetida Hing worldwide. HingWala is the best place to buy those Asafoetida products online from the website at best prices.

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