Our Products

We deal in a wide variety of Asafoetida (Hing) products.

We at RB Hing, produce, manufacture and export a wide variety of Hing (Asafoetida) in India. Our Hing is of premium quality with strong aroma to enhance your food taste and aroma.

Types of Products

Hing Granules

Raw Hing

Gum Arabic

Our Brand Products

Processed Hing

Strong Hing Granules Powder

Strong Brown Powder


Strong White Fine Powder

white khada hing RB Hing

Yellow Khada

Brown Khada

kabuli dana hing RB Hing

Kabuli Wadi

Raw Hing

Afghani Pinakshi Hing RB Hing

red hing


White Kabuli Paste

Bitter Hing

Hadda Sweet Hing

Raw Brownish Paste


dry hing

Irani Hadda Hing RB Hing

bitter dry


Hadda Paste


UZ Paste


dry hing 2

xl hing RB Hing

XL Hing

Hing Gum

Small Lumps Gum Arabic RB Hing
Small Lumps
White Big Lumps Gum Arabic RB Hing
White Big Lumps
Mithai Kani Sortex
Rava kani Sortex Gum Arabic RB Hing
Rava Kani Sortex

Our Brand Products

Baby Hing RB Hing
Gopal Hing RB Hing
Gopal Hing
IMF Crstal Hing RB Hing
IMF Crstal Hing
IMF Gopal Hing RB Hing
IMF Gopal Hing
Gopal Bandhani Hing RB Hing
Gopal Bandhani Hing

Our Happy Client!

The purest and the most premium hing, I could ever have! Amazing flavour, just a pinch of it does wonders.!! Just amazing! My entire family loves the aroma of my cooked food when I put a pinch of RB Group's hing in tadka. Just love the packaging and the quality of their all kinds of hing products.
Anamika Sehgal

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